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Project Description
This series is designed to teach you fundamentals of using the Entity Framework via a series of increasingly challenging development problems.

You'll learn concepts important to creating well-designed Entity Framework applications by fixing bugs and implementing new features.

I started the project when somebody asked me for a good, online resource for absolute beginners learning the Entity Framework, and I could not come up with a "best" place to start. There are some good books on the subject, but many people prefer to learn by doing. I thought about how new developers tend to come up to speed when they start working with our commercial applications. Generally, we give them easier bug fixes and feature changes, so that they can get a feel for our source code and architecture. This series will attempt to teach you to use the Entity Framework using the same method.

See the Curriculum for the list of labs.

Right now you can download the available labs from the Source Code tab. Just grab the latest change set. There will be formal releases in the future.

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