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Curriculum The list of labs available and what you'll learn in each lab
Running the Solutions This page details the prerequisites for running the solutions.

Each lab is implemented as an ASP.NET MVC application. However, I've attempted to avoid requiring any real knowledge of ASP.NET MVC by telling you where to make EF-related changes in each lab. I've also structured the code in such a way as to avoid hitting any of the less discoverable parts of ASP.NET MVC. I've avoided using techniques like enterprise architecture, repositories and dependency injection, for the most part, in order to keep the code which supports the lab as small as possible. These labs are not intended to be an example of how to structure an ASP.NET MVC application, or how to integrate the Entity Framework into ASP.NET MVC (although I may make a specific lab on that subject, later on).

Some basic knowledge of HTML and ASP.NET will be helpful, however.

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