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Basic Mapping

# Name Subjects covered
1 Update model Adding new properties to a type in an entity model
Create model Create an entity model from an existing database

Basic Queries

# Name Subjects covered
Restriction Returning only one record from a list
Paging Breaking query results down into pages
Basic projection Returning POCOs from a LINQ to Entities query
Projection with relationships Project an object graph onto a view model

Basic Editing

# Name Subjects covered
Insert Add a new entity
Delete Delete an entity from a database
Update Update an existing entity in a database
One to one Update one to one relationships
One to many Update one to many relationships
Unit of work Change several entities. They should succeed or fail as a group


# Name Subjects covered
Simple MVC An architecture for implementing the repository pattern in an MVC app, without external dependencies. Includes unit tests, generic controllers and repositories, but nothing particularly fancy.
Better MVC Enhances the above with dynamic templated views, better paging, jqGrid, DI/IoC, and other useful external projects.

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